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Stem Cells

After looking at specialised cells you should know that not all the cells are the same, but where do they come from? How are they made?

Stem Cells are responsible for creating these specialised cells.

Stem Cells
A stem cell turning into a red blood cell, nerve cell or sperm cell


Stem cells are undifferentiated, this means that they do not have a specific job yet. There are 2 types you need to know about; embryonic and adult stem cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

  • Have the ability to turn into most other cell
  • Found in embryos

Adult Stem Cells

  • Have the ability to turn into some different cells
  • Found in places such as the bone marrow

The main difference is that embryonic stem cells can turn into more cells in comparison to the adult stem cells.


You may also have to discuss some ethical issues in using stem cells.

  • Gathering embryonic stem cells destroys the embryo
  • The procedure to get adult stem cells can be a painful procedure
  • Stem cells can be used to treat and cure diseases