Animal and Plant Cells – Questions

Have a go at some questions! When you are ready reveal the answers to see how well you have done!

1. Label the diagram of the animal cell (3 Makes)
2. What are the functions of (3 Marks)

a. Nucleus

b. Ribosomes

c. Mitochondira

3. The diagram below shows a diagram of a plant cell. How can you tell this? (3 Marks)



A – Nucleus (1 Mark)

B – Cell Membrane (1 Mark)

C – Cytoplasm (1 Mark)


Nucleus – Contains the genetic material and controls the activity of the cell (1 Mark)

Ribosomes – Protein synthesis, makes proteins (1 Mark)

Mitochondria – Site of respiration (1 Mark)


We know it is a plant cell because it contains:

  • Chloroplasts (1 Mark)
  • Cell Wall (1 Mark)
  • Permemnant Vacuole (1 Mark)

How well did you do?