Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes – Revise

Prokaryotes are much simpler than eukaryotes. You will need to know the parts and functions of a typical prokaryote.

Our example is a typical bacteria cell.

Bacteria Cell lb.jpg
A typical bacteria cell

Cell Membrane – Controls what enters and leaves the cell

Cell Wall – Supports structure and provides protection

Cytoplasm – Chemical reactions take place here

Ribosomes – Protein synthesis happens here

Flagella – Helps the bacteria move (locomotion)

DNA – Controls the activity of the cell

Plasmids – Small ring of DNA that might benefit the bacteria cell e.g. antibiotic resistance


You will notice there are some similar parts to the animal and plant cell but with a few key differences.

  • They have DNA  but not enclosed in a nucleus
  • Not all bacteria have flagella
  • The amount of plasmids will vary with each bacteria