Slow and Steady!

Over the last month not a lot has come up on the website but there is a lot going on in the background. SBlog has started do give you some weekly news on all things science, and the start of a text book to compliment each topic that comes up, both in ibooks and as an ebook. Contain all information found on the website and more, along with interactive images and quizzes (ibooks) and simlar in the ebook version,.

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Sneak peak at book cover

Better things to come!!!

A new adventure to help all during those dark days of revision.

A qualified teacher with a passion for education. It is my aim to provide students with another resource to help during the stressful times before exams.

Short, concise materials to  identify key areas of struggle and a quick recap of topics.

Road Map
  • Biology Revision
  • Exam Questions for Biology
  • Chemistry Revision + Qs
  • Physics Revision + Qs
  • A-level Biology
  • BSc Material?
  • Video Lessons?

I have plans to develop this to the best it can be and provide as much as I possible can within my speciality. The focus is on KS4 initially, looking at combined science AQA trilogy. I will plan and try to identify Higher content and separate science as well as other content for other exam boards as the blog develops.