Movement in Cells – Revise


Diffusion is one of the key concepts you need to learn for GCSE. With diffusion you will know why if some sprays some deodorant or perfume in one corner of the room why it spreads everywhere else.

You will need to know this text-book definition.

Diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, down a concentration gradient.

Concentration Gradient.jpg
You can see an area of high concentration in the top right and an area of low concentration in the bottom right. The particles would move from the top left to the bottom right, eventually having an even spread across the room.

High concentration – Lots of particles in one area

Low concentration – Not many particles in an area

Concentration gradient – The difference created when there are different amounts of particles in an area

If in doubt just remember that they go from high to low.

NOTE: Diffusion can happen in both solids and liquids!!!